The experience of writing can be beautiful. 

It can also be frustrating, frightening, and lonely. 


There is no singular way to be a writer, and the many possibilities and opinions on the subject can be both overwhelming and intimidating.


Because every writer is unique, their most ideal writing processes are necessarily unique as well. Here, my aim is to provide you the support you need to help you find your most ideal writer self.

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The Authentic Creative Writing series has begun! The courses are based on experiential learning, guiding you through writing exercises that encourage you to explore each writing principle from multiple angles. 


Authentic Creative Writing: Self is a 5-day mini-course that serves as an introduction to the Authentic Creative Writing series. It is currently just $20.


More courses coming soon!

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Patreon members get exclusive access to fresh writing content each week. Within this content, writers are encouraged to pursue deeper truth and authenticity in their work, experiment with their writing processes, and play on the page, all within a supportive creative community.

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