• Elan Cassandra

"One thing you need to know about me..." - character free-write



Everything. You don’t know me at all.

I’m not sure I know me at all.

No, that’s exaggerating.

I don’t know--I never took a minute to breathe.

Mom was high maintenance, to say the least. She sent me to the best schools and had the highest of hopes for me. I did everything well, honestly, but I was always a disappointment to her.

Or, that’s my perception. I’m sure she’d tell you something different.

But the truth is that she micromanaged every part of my life--until the day she died. Maybe she still does. It’s just I feel chained to things... To the decisions I made. To the things I thought were true. To proving myself to her.

I mean, let’s be real, she did it all. She grew up in a time when women had fewer opportunities and different sets of expectations. She grew up poor, but she put herself through college and then law school. She was a prosecuting attorney in our city.

She was tough. Really tough. Lying to her wasn’t a good idea. And she could just convince you of anything. She could tell you your hair was red and you’d see it, even if it was really a dark brown.

She told you--me--all the time what I wanted. I wanted to make money, she told me, so that I could support my family and not be beholden to a man if it didn’t work out. She never did think Greg was good enough for me.

She told me I wanted a family. And I did.

I think.

No, I do.

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