I'm Elan Cassandra

I've been a writer for as long as I can remember, and although I haven't always known it would be my career, it takes just a glance at my chest of old journals to see that it has always been my passion.

In nearly equal measure, I've always been a mentor, teacher, or coach. I find deep satisfaction in supporting others and helping them to reach for the best within themselves.


Now, these parts of me work hand-in-hand.

Elan Cassandra
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my writing hangs out

over here.

this includes screenwriting, fiction, personal essays, and whatever fun projects have come into my life.

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this is the place

for writers. 

come here for downloadable resources, blog posts, writing courses, and books to hone your craft and help you find greater truth and authenticity in your work.

Peace and love

(and some thrills, if you're into that),